Sunday, February 1, 2009

Google Adsense ( a little explain ) :)

Okay, i'll give u a little explain about google adsense, to be honest actually i'm not a master at all on it.This is just a basic theory, glad if it can be useful for u as a begginer on make money online's world..

Adsense is one of Google's programs which gives you the ability to have advertisements on your website without working too much and get revenue for those advertisements when someone click them. In the last few years this program got so popular that people started to create websites just to display the ads and make money online from Google's Adsense. You can make free online money with Adsense if you just put enough time on learning how to use this powerful tool. Think about it, anyone who clicks on one of the ads in your site would give you revenue of a dollar or sometimes even 15 dollar!! Of course it depends on how much money that ad worth.

Why Google give away free online money?
I know you all probably thinking there is some catch here - no one gives away free money. There is no catch in Adsense, Google is getting paid from advertisers and you get paid for helping Google enlarge their advertise radius over the Internet. This means you all win, the advertiser spreads his products/websites or anything else over the Internet, Google get paid from this advertiser and you get paid from Google, so simple! This technique helps Google - the more traffic means - more chance advertiser site get visited. Remember, everytime the advertiser site get visited he gets charged - meaning you get more money for every click from your page. You have to remember that every ad have different market value, it all depends on how much the advertiser is willing to pay to Google.

The Adsense program know how to monitor your page information and match this information to an advertisement. The only thing you have to do is insert a JavaScript code to your page which you get from Adsense website after signing up!

So, generally there are few basic things to do:
Find a subject which you really like and starting writing about it,the subject called "niche".

Sign up to the Adsense program.

Get free hosting + domain, you can find many of those on the web.

Insert the JavaScript code you get from Adsense program to your site.

You can also increase the chance your site gets visited by advertising yourself in Yahoo or Google.But this thing need an extra money, yes u must pay for it.

One thing to remember, try to do not copy information from other websites, because duplicate content doesn't get displayed by the search engines.yeah, but u can copy and then translate it on your own way of course..:)

The really basic things u need in order to get credited from google is traffic on your site.
No traffic = no money :)

That's it, sounds easy? not at all, adsense absolutely need a little effort to do in order to get really understand the tips and trick of it.
Good luck mate !!
no try = useless...

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