Monday, February 2, 2009

How To Use Adsense Effectively

Adsense is a wonderful opportunity for you to generate additional income for your website. It doesn't cost you anything

Adsense is also very simple( on the beginning :) ). You have to complete an application with Google and be accepted to host
advertisements for other businesses. Then you simply add lines of code to the html on the pages of the website where you are willing to have advertisements.

With that all in place, how do you blend the Adsense Ads into your website so they don't stick out like a sore thumb? You don't want them to distract the consumer from what you are offering on your website.

You may not be aware of it, but you have a lot of say in how the advertisements are placed on your website including the placement, format, color, and style. There are many places on a website to put Adsense Ads. Some prefer to place it on the top of the page and others like the bottom of the page.Along either side of the text for your website is convenient too.Since we read from left to right, the right side is more common as it will attract attention as the eyes move across the page.

According to Google Adsense, the most effective location is at the top of the page because the entire ad can be seen. Often parts of it are hidden when on the sides unless the mouse is used to scroll over the information. This can be distracting to the consumer and lose the effectiveness of the advertisement.

They also recommend using different colors for the ads to differentiate it from your website materials, but to use colors
that compliment each other.The format can be modified to make it different or the same as your website.

Some advertisement hosts like everything to be in the same style and size to give a symmetrical look to the pages.
Others like to have their information completely distinct from the advertisements. Both are effective so it is only a matter of personal preference as to how you want your website to appear.Colors including the background can be changed to make everything work together well. You might have to experience a little to come up with the right design you are happy with.

You want to blend the Adsense ads enough that they look natural appearing on your website rather than appearing to be out of place. If they don't look natural they can be distracting to the consumer. They also won't be effective because consumers don't trust what doesn't look professional when it comes to the internet. This could be damaging to your own sales on your website so pay close attention to this issue. It is a good idea to ask some others for feedback on how the information appears to them on your website. You should avoid placing ads to where they appear to be banners.

Adsense offers you some useful tools as well to get everything to blend. The Google Adsense Preview tools allows you to test the layout of your website with the ads in place. This gives you the opportunity to change anything that is ineffective before your consumers view in over the internet. You can also contact their customer support 24/7 for questions or concerns you may have.

Adsense is a great way for your website to generate additional income by offering to host advertisements for other businesses with similar products and services to offer consumers. You are still in control of the layout and design of your website. You have the ability to change the color, format, and style of the advertisements placed on your website. You also get to determine where they are placed.

This makes the idea of participating in Adsense advertising even more appealing.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Google Adsense ( a little explain ) :)

Okay, i'll give u a little explain about google adsense, to be honest actually i'm not a master at all on it.This is just a basic theory, glad if it can be useful for u as a begginer on make money online's world..

Adsense is one of Google's programs which gives you the ability to have advertisements on your website without working too much and get revenue for those advertisements when someone click them. In the last few years this program got so popular that people started to create websites just to display the ads and make money online from Google's Adsense. You can make free online money with Adsense if you just put enough time on learning how to use this powerful tool. Think about it, anyone who clicks on one of the ads in your site would give you revenue of a dollar or sometimes even 15 dollar!! Of course it depends on how much money that ad worth.

Why Google give away free online money?
I know you all probably thinking there is some catch here - no one gives away free money. There is no catch in Adsense, Google is getting paid from advertisers and you get paid for helping Google enlarge their advertise radius over the Internet. This means you all win, the advertiser spreads his products/websites or anything else over the Internet, Google get paid from this advertiser and you get paid from Google, so simple! This technique helps Google - the more traffic means - more chance advertiser site get visited. Remember, everytime the advertiser site get visited he gets charged - meaning you get more money for every click from your page. You have to remember that every ad have different market value, it all depends on how much the advertiser is willing to pay to Google.

The Adsense program know how to monitor your page information and match this information to an advertisement. The only thing you have to do is insert a JavaScript code to your page which you get from Adsense website after signing up!

So, generally there are few basic things to do:
Find a subject which you really like and starting writing about it,the subject called "niche".

Sign up to the Adsense program.

Get free hosting + domain, you can find many of those on the web.

Insert the JavaScript code you get from Adsense program to your site.

You can also increase the chance your site gets visited by advertising yourself in Yahoo or Google.But this thing need an extra money, yes u must pay for it.

One thing to remember, try to do not copy information from other websites, because duplicate content doesn't get displayed by the search engines.yeah, but u can copy and then translate it on your own way of course..:)

The really basic things u need in order to get credited from google is traffic on your site.
No traffic = no money :)

That's it, sounds easy? not at all, adsense absolutely need a little effort to do in order to get really understand the tips and trick of it.
Good luck mate !!
no try = useless...

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